Another place for already fat rednecks to go overeat, drink, and talk about bangin' each other's cousins.
Ahm hungry! Let's go down to the Roadhouse and grab a few steaks and some waitresses.
by City folk March 26, 2007
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The greatest expression ever created in the entire universe, it can be used in any language and at any point in time. Most commonly used after kicking the crap out of some or in awkward situations roadhouse is truly what will save our world
Jeff: Dude you are so ugly

Don:( spin kicks him to the jaw then looks up into the camera and says roadhouse)
by Qwaszxerdfcvtyghbn August 31, 2014
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The act of driving a beater car to work and saving the fancy car for home/personal use - more specifically when the work pays well.

From the Patrick Swayze movie "Roadhouse": Swayze hides his fancy car and drives a beater to work - thereby roadhousing his nice car.
My boss roadhouses his Porsche and drives a Tercel to work.
by Sakrifice April 15, 2009
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To casually, but vigorously and lustfully, engage in promiscuous sexual or pre-coital activity, usually with a person with whom one is not in the least bit romantically involved. It's what "cheaters" and "fuck buddies" do. The implication is that the couple meet discreetly and stop by an outhouse/ roadhouse/ motel etc. to do their naughty business.
I don't think I would ever go out with her, but I'd roadhouse her in a second.
by Narcoleptix September 24, 2007
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The act of smacking an object out of someones hand and then yelling "ROADHOUSE!"
via giphy
by crackinjokes October 21, 2016
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A movie about a guy who gets paid to clean up a bar in a town he isn't from.
Roadhouse is a movie about two guys trying to take control of a town they're not originally from, so it almost fun for them, and everybody but the people from the town, since they don't have to think about the effects their actions will have on anybody around them.
by Solid Mantis April 22, 2021
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A movie where two of the main characters, Wade and Dalton, are two American guys who dont speak Spanish to each other throughout the entire movie, except for some reason Wade calls Dalton mijo, and Dalton calls Wade senor. Talking to a guy who speaks Spanish and calling him senor, or him calling you senor, makes sense, but two guys who dont speak spanish to each other calling each other mijo and senor is fuckin weird.
Road house-

Wade- Let's have a beer mijo.

Dalton- Why are you talking like that?
by Solid Mantis April 23, 2020
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