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A small shit hole in the outskirts of horwich which is accompanied by the scum of bolton. kids who go there have no chance of passing their exams and may as well give up all together. they have the highest population of skets in all of england and is probably home to various diseases (specifically STD's) that doctors don't even know about. despite being built on a hill, it's reputation is fucking downhill. new british slang terms are probably invented on this very site and pedophiles tend to relocate their attention to becoming a teacher as dating a student is nothing new up in rivi. if that doesnt work, then staying outside the gates and giving them free sweets (cos the kids dont wanna spend a tenner on sweets ya get me) will do just fine. also, health class is not only about studying pills but popping them aswell.
Chav 1: Oi oi i need moov schools me
Chav 2: reet whur yu wanna go G
Chav 1: Rivington and blackrod high school innit bro
Chav 2: can't giv em std's dat dey alredy got
Chav 1: aw gutted
by dogfucker21do_one May 06, 2018
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