An institution that came straight from hell. A place where a student must fear for there education because of the administration. If they don’t like you, you will die. Do something there not in favor of, expelled. If you want to kill urself, this is the place for u.
I fucking hate Riviera Preparatory Schools bro.
by Angelfromhell November 25, 2019
A tourist destination that, while it tries to be otherwise, attracts cheap, low class tourists.
Joe; "It's too bad that these people can't tip us properly."

Howard; "Welcome to the White Trash Riviera, we get the people who can't afford to go to the Bahamas."
by Joe Henkelman October 4, 2006
One of GMs best lookin car of all time
Yo is that a boattailed 1971 Buick Riviera?
by Veiynoum2310 July 5, 2019
lrms is a dirty ass school. the bathrooms are falling apart. it’s not cute, and it smells. the lunch ain’t the best buh it’s good with them breadsticksssss! there isn’t much to do and the teachers are racists. so it’s not a bad school buh not many people like it. you can either love it or hate it.
lake riviera middle school is the worst.
lake riviera middle school is the best.
by 123sparklyboy April 23, 2019
v. to absolutely blast something into the atmosphere i.e., a golf ball, a nut, a pie.
"Holy shit Houdini.. you Riviera'd that 1 iron 230 yards."
by AbdoluteUNIT101 August 8, 2019
riviera middle is a place full of children of hell
riviera middle is full of the most scariest ppl
by Life is tiring fourty one June 22, 2021
A really shitty handjob you receive in the gutters of Francr
"Man, I got the worst Riviera-Rogers in Nice last week during break."
by Illyatan March 6, 2019