The most confusing teen drama out there ngl. Teen girls love because we somehow understand what is happening in the show. Long story short: "Teens" in a really not normal town do unteenagery things, like solve mysteries and sometimes do musicals (like what school lets teens do Heathers). And there's queen Kevin he's our lord and saviour he can not be hated on.
Teen Boy: Do u watch Riverdale
Teen Girl: OMG YASSSS I love it!!!!
TB: Please Explain what's happening
TG: *Explains the unexplainable*
TB: OOOOOOkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaayyyyyy...
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by YaLikeJazz2006 January 18, 2020
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there is no show bettter than this so watch it and if you don't there is something wrong with you! :)
Person 1: Have you seen Riverdale
Person 2: Of course
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by whore lol June 21, 2019
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but who even watches this show unironically anymore??
"Here's to Ronnie.....aND ARCHIE....and betty....and...jughead🤔"- riverdale
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by gracehatesriverdale May 22, 2020
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a completely wacky show that you get so addicted to, it gets inside your head and you give up your regular life for Riverdale.
Kay: hey! did you see the new episode of riverdale last night?
Marissa: yeah! jughead got abducted by aliens!
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by bugheadale May 18, 2021
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Who the hell doesn't know what Riverdale is
Hiram Lodge: I now own all of Riverdale
by roxelllllllllllllya July 21, 2019
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Riverdale: a horrible show only mentally disabled teenage girls enjoy.
Stacey:have you seen the new episode of Riverdale it's so good right ?
Brittany : yea Archie is sooo hot
by Qboi December 01, 2019
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