one of the three hill schools, the other two being fieldston and horace mann. riverdale is by far the best of all three schools. whereas at fieldston they get high, at riverdale the kids get drunk. academics are comprable to horace mann, and better than fieldston. riverdale kicks major ass.
i go to riverdale. i rock this world.
by bitchhh April 10, 2005
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Located in the Bronx mainly known as Trigger-Dale has made its way up as one of the most dangerous towns in the borough of New York City. Please beware of Trigger Dale as it is one of the most drug infested area in the Bronx.The Jews Rob you for their money at the Kosher Market. Prostitution is highly rising and forget about the crime. The 50th Precinct is too scared to deal with these highly dangerous criminals roaming the streets of Riverdale.
Yo Bro we out to Triggadale Tonight !?!? Yeahh Broo Totallyyy!!! Lets get hammered!!!! Riverdale is so fucking hood broo

We gets it in down ups in river-dale ya knaw i mean?

Hey Bro where can i get me some Heroin? DUDE go to skyview bro they have everything !!! Prostitution is included also ITS FREAKING AMAZINGG!!!
by iamjewalicious July 29, 2010
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An awesome small rich community which is like Westchester. The REAL Riverdale is from the Century Building to the Mount. Any crappy place (Kingsbridge, Moshulo, etc.) is NOT RIVERDALE, it is Kingsbrige or Yonkers. Almost all of the people are rich or wealthy and live in Mandsions or Large Apartment. It is very Irish and Jewish.
That place was so Riverdale.
by riverdalegal January 27, 2009
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from witnessing fh games i kno for a fact that the riverdale girls sound like men.... and they're not that good...that's all i have to say... and fieldston is really not that bad
the fh players at riverdale sound like men
by fhgurl06 January 24, 2006
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One of the most pussy neighborhoods in the entire city. A disgrace to the Bronx and the whole of New York.
Riverdale is like stench coming from a cow'pussy.
by werd... April 30, 2005
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Where th e biggest pothead lowlife kids live... also where the biggest fag anthony mateo lives fkk riverdale!!!
riverdale is a bunch of pussys
by fkk rd April 29, 2005
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A place where deep and dark stuff happens. It is a neighbourhood that has lots of deep dark secrects. Lots of creepy things happen like a young boy was shot in the head (by his father) and another man was shot by (?) There are lots of twists and turns in this mistrious town, so if you live there watch your back.
Riverdale is mysterious. A bit too mistrious. No one knows what will happen next. NO ONE.
by jellybexn123344578qa August 18, 2017
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