Coming into consciousness of one's self and loving what you see.

To overcome the Irony of GOD and understand how and why.... IT IS WHAT IT IS.

To no longer give into the opinion of others and start living life on your terms.

Suddenly and unexpectedly his efforts PRODUCED THE RISEN CHRIST.
by Suuuuuup now September 09, 2018
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arrecho, un carajo picao, un tipo arrecho ke se arrecha por nada, osea, arrecho nojoda, verga coñoelamadre, ARRECHO NO SABES LO KE ESO NOJODA!!!???
Risen: carajito del coñoelamadre te voy a blokear mamaguevo *lo blokea*
by Pedro January 20, 2005
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When your cock decides wake up. Another Term for getting a boner.
Dude... This girl just told me i had a risen rooster in class
by Dofnugget November 11, 2016
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The screen name of the last perfect girl in the world. She is beautiful, intelligent, open, and caring. Anyone who she talks to should consider themselves blest.

Every time I talk with her it is like a glimpse of heaven.
lestat452:I love you!
Phoenix Risen 87:i love you too!
by I Love You! October 09, 2004
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Rccs is the most shit "catholic" school you’ll ever attend. Simply a school, grades K-8th where you learn nothing, some racist workers there that don’t give a damn, kids are mad annoying, lunch gets nastier every year, they let complete idiots graduate 8th grade, and lots of f boys and thots starting new drama each day.

It’s a "Spanish immersion school" but really the only things "Spanish" about the school is the lousy ass Hispanic girls in middle school that hang out in the bathroom, when the teachers try to speak Spanish, and the nasty quesadillas we had for lunch. Trust me pal, you don’t wanna go there.
Kris: Hey Joe did you hear about the school Risen Christ Catholic School?

Joe: Aw yeah I heard it sucks.

Edward: Maya didn’t you go to Risen Christ Catholic School?

Maya: Yes I did.

Edward: how was it?

Maya: Why don’t you ask my therapist Carol.
by UglyTikToker May 13, 2020
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