1. The best band ever (':

2. A band that are getting way too pupular thanks to guitar hero. Shame on people that claim to be a huge fan when they only know Prayer of the Refugee, and maybe just a couple of other songs.
Dickhead: I like prayer of the refugee, I love Rise Against so much.
Me: please, just eat shit.

by Heather (: January 09, 2009
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An awsome punk band from Chicago with intense lyrics, and an amazing drummer
They already have 2 albums out, Revolutions Per Minute, and Siren Song of the Counter Culture. They are currently working on a new album, The Sufferer and the Witnesses coming on July 4th, 2006
Its gonna rock
Tim McIlrath- Guitar/Lead Vocals
Joe Princepie- Guitar
Chris Chasse- Bass
Brandon Barnes- Drums
viva la rise against
by the whore next door May 24, 2006
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An amazing rock band from Chicago who sings about hard subjects to get us through these tough times. You should really listen to them, not kidding.

Go look them up.
"Knees are shaking, I cant breathe. So give me the drug, give me an eye. Give me what's left of my life. Dont let me go~ Woah-ohhh-oh-woah!" ~Injection, Rise Against
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by Female s i m p November 07, 2020
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