there amazing, really make u feel something. there music is just a masterpiece! u wonth regret lisening to them. After 3 albulms there still going strong w/ the newest albulm "The Sufferer & The Witness" they have touching lyrics and very good vocals...all i have to say is that they're breath taking, and very original. my fav. are like the angels,blood to bleed,anywhere but here,rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerat,drones,survive and pretty much all of them!!!
Rise Against
the good left undone

All because of you,
I haven’t slept in so long.
When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for the shore where I can let my head down,
Inside these arms of yours.

All because of you,
I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings,
No, not the kind with halos,
The kind that bring you home,
When home becomes a strange place.
I’ll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out.
by kledis August 31, 2006
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The creators of the greatest music to grace modern day earth.

The one band nobody can hate.

Real fucking punk rock.
"I see myself inside you, you dream the dreams that I do,
You're still searching for these answers, they're not inside your wrist"
Just an example of Rise Against's amazing lyrics.
by fukingfairytalename August 15, 2010
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a real sick punk band, with four or five albums. currently consists of tim mcllrath on the mic, zach blair on guitar, joe principe on bass, and brandon barnes on drums. definitely check them out if your into punk rock.
I just downloaded Rise Against's newest album, it's real nice.
by m. sherm February 04, 2009
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god got mad at what his children had done and decide to act accordingly. he made rise againt a group of individuals to shdo the error of mainstream life and to promate peace and veganism. gods anger is reflected in their music, thats why this hardcorepunk group sounds so badass. and the billy is why we dont eat meet and throw rocks at politicians :)
guy one: wats the best band in the world?
Me: Rise Against! bitch! (continues to beat the shit outa guy one for asking a dumbass question)
by CricketClaymationz November 03, 2007
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The best band ever. Great sound to it. Actually trying to make a difference instead of money.
Good songs from Rise Against:
Swing Life Away
Prayer of the Refugee
Hairline Fracture
Audience of One
Under the Knife
The Dirt Whispered
From Heads Unworthy
Ready to Fall
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Collapse (Post-Amerika)
Kotov Syndrome
Whereabouts Unknown
Blood to Bleed
by Lucio Soph August 05, 2010
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most amazing band to ever rock this generation. with lyrics speaking to the youth of america. telling how the gorvenment is so that we can understand. they are the revolution we need!
"I kicked in the door, I yelled my commands. The children they cried, but I got my man. We took him away, a bog over his face. From his family, his friends. They took off his clothes, they pissed in his hands. I told them to stop, but then I joined in. We beat him with guns and batons not just once, but again and again." -Hero of War by Rise Against
by Alleja November 19, 2008
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the band ever to walk the earth of any genre. No one one can touch their musical talent.
That rise against concert was awesome
by Dr. Phil69 December 10, 2009
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