Caressing my boyfriends nipples in a circular motion as oppose to aggressive pinching.
Babe, gennnnntle! Not a pinch, its a ripple... a nipple ripple.
by Pachoula May 15, 2018
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ripp·le·bum rip-all-bum(n.)

1. A bum which has, engraved upon it, a ripple pattern, often a result of sitting upon textured or ridged surfaces for an extensive period of time.

2. A bum which has a pattern upon it, akin to the side of a potato chip, like a ripple.
F: I sat on that bleacher for so long I got ripple-bum!
K: Holy crap!


K: hahaha!! what better way to start my day than seeing your rippled-potato-chip bums in my head lol xD i hope they've plumped right back up now hahah :D

F: LoL! bums!
by Flank June 20, 2008
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From the TV show "Joan of Arcadia". The term is used when a person's actions (however small) end up having a positive outcome. 'Good Ripples' are felt in just about every episode of the show as God asks Joan to do small or big tasks which sometimes seem to her to be pointless. Joan doesnt always see the positive effects of her actions, but that doesnt mean they arent significant.
The best use of 'good ripples' was in the "Joan of Arcadia" episode 'Jump' 112 -
JOAN: the ripples were good
HELEN: very good
by Dani October 23, 2005
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Basically a hipster slang/term for 'no'.
Often used to seem cooler (mostly online but some use it irl).
Friends: hey, you wanna go biking with us today?
You: nuns on ripple, my dudes
by Lime Blooded Loser June 6, 2018
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A section of flab on the stomach of a chodney. Also known as a spare tire. A veritable insult in its own right.
Bunny: Scott you're a lanky prick!
Scott: Fuck off, you chodney ripple!
by matrixbadger May 30, 2009
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When you're having sex doggy style, and you look down and watch her behind to see yourself going in and out of her and on the outstroke the skin clings to your penis a little bit and the thin layer of her vagina wall pulls out like it's going to turn inside out, but only a tiny little bit like a couple of millimeters. It goes back in when you push back in. In, out, in, out. That is a twat-ripple.
Man 1: Oh man I was fucking her doggy-style last night and it was so awesome!
Man 2: Sweet! Did you see her twat-ripple?
Man 1: Hell yeah!
by Cocillian Flash March 19, 2006
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