The act of clenching your penis as hard as you can with your hand and then pulling it as hard as you can in order to ejaculate.
Drew was feeling lonely so he started ripping it to have a pleasant evening. Although the pain was immense, Drew found that this was the only way he could get off. He masturbated so often, his penis was numb and ripping it was now his only option.
by Sir Rip-a-lot February 23, 2011
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An expression yelled by a man when a girl or woman is tearing off their clothes violently.
oh yea tear thoes clothess off. cone on get it rip it
by doc hargrove August 04, 2006
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When a dog runs laps around your yard or house, typically at full speed, for no apparent reason. Highly entertaining to watch.
Buster and I were playing fetch, and then all of a sudden he got the rips! It was hilarious!
by C. Smith December 09, 2007
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Used to indicate that a plan or idea has fallen through.
Example 1.
Person A: "Hey man, are we going to the mall today?"
Person B: "Nahh, it's my grandma's birthday so my family wants me to come to see her."
Person A: "Dammit."
Person C: "rip"

Example 2.
Person A: "Yo, we gunna make those grilled cheese sandwiches?"
Person B: "Ahh we could have but I forgot the cheese."
Person A: "rip"
by furryflycat January 31, 2016
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