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Where Riot decide to nerf a champion because of pro play or overtuning, then nerf it again, and finally nerf the items associated with the champion. After the champion is left in the dirt they completely forget about their existence and decide to put their focus elsewhere like buffing scuttle for no fucking reason.
Person 1: Omg Sejuani was so good a few patches ago what happened to her?
Person 2: She was spam picked at Worlds so Riot decided to give her the Riot special even though they nerfed all the items
Person 1: At least it means we can pick Graves now
Person 2: Until they give him the Riot Special
by Bearded Brit June 12, 2018
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When a champion gets nerfed because certain items are too strong, the items then later get nerfed and the champion is not buffed to compensate, leaving it effectively double nerfed.
Lucian got the Riot Special when essence reaver and black cleaver were too strong.
by Lambsysky June 12, 2018
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Refers to League of Legends developer Riot Games. Often, certain characters in the game (known as champions) become overpowered because they synergize very well with specific items. As a result, Riot Games nerfs the champions, sometimes several times, to bring them back in line. However, Riot will often nerf the overpowered item later on as well, causing a double whammy for the champion, making them extremely weak. Despite this, Riot never reverts the nerfs made to the champions even through the original problem (the item) was hit, leaving them underpowered for months if not longer. This unpopular practice of nerfing the champion, nerfing the item, but not reverting the champion nerfs became so common that it eventually was called the Riot Special.
"Bruh, Sejuani's trash now. They nerfed her a bunch, but then they nerfed her Cinderhulk item too and didn't revert her original nerfs!"

"Yep, she got the Riot Special".
by SCTO June 12, 2018
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