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Rink hockey, a sold out spectator sport in the 1992 Olympics, is internationally played in over 50 countries. World Championships are held annually for School Boys, Junior, Ladies and Senior Divisions along with intercontinental cup tournaments. Rink Hockey is a team sport that enjoys significant popularity in a number of Latin countries. Depending on territories, it is also known as Hóquei em Patins, International Style Ball hockey, Quad Hockey or Hardball Hockey. There have been many world championships, Latin countries dominating the sport since the 1940s: Portugal (15 World titles), Spain (14 World titles), Italy (4 World titles) and Argentina (4 World titles). Other countries, such as France, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra and England are regular international competitors, but rarely overcome the traditional powers. Rink Hockey was recently referred to as Hardball Hockey in the United States until November 2008 when the USOC adopted the sports more common name Rink Hockey.
Rink Hockey was played as a demonstration roller sport in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.
by Hardballhock August 05, 2011
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