While having sex with a girl in the doggie style position with hands on her hips, one would slide thumb into girl's asshole and at same time say "DING DONG".
Same as definition for ringing the doorbell. give it a try and hold on for the ride.
by Jason wolfling April 1, 2008
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walking up behind a female who is sitting down in a chair and pull your dick out and lightly smack it against the side of her neck to get her attention.
She was sitting there at the computer and I wanted some pussy, so I had to ring the doorbell.
by Alan Lenard November 25, 2007
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Another way of saying: Touch my ding dong.

Made famous by the White Stripes song, "My Doorbell."
"I'm thinking about my doorbell. When you gonna ring it? When you gonna ring it?"
-White Stripes

Hannah came over to my house and rang my doorbell...she knows how to ring my doorbell and get it rung right.
by Likeseafarerslovestars September 22, 2014
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When you push a girls nipples and say DING DONG
Female: He was ringing doorbells
Female 2: i wish my man would ring my doorbells
by Phillip Marine February 26, 2014
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The female equivalent to pocket pool or playing with ones self through a pocket
Why does Madison always keep her hand in her pocket like that?

Oh you know her she’s just ringing the devil’s doorbell
by Genny69 December 3, 2020
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Guy: Do you ever, uh, ring your own doorbell?

Girl: No, why would I...

Guy: It's quite nice, you should try it sometime.
by submarinesoup January 13, 2011
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