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A place where cholos, losers, preppy girls/boys, and anyone else unfortuane enough to be dumped here, come to waste three years of their pre-teen lives. Nothing interesting ever happens, and nothing ever will. 'Relationships' between 'students' only last like, two days, or until they don't know what to do since they're so obsessed with finding out how to get into the 'in-crowd'. The morning announcements are done by the most annoying girls in the school. The mascot is a sad, sad looking Bulldog, and everyonce and a while someone will get into the mascot costume and prance around like they enjoy life. There's seriously nothing remotely worthwhile about this school. The food sucks dick, a dog wouldn't even shit in the bathrooms, and there's gum and dirt EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE.
Incoming 6th Grader: I'm so excited to go to Rincon Middle School this year!! It's going to be so cool!
Previous Student: Oh.. God *has Vietnam-like flash back* NO! NO!!
by I've Seen Shit July 02, 2009
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