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She is one of a kind. She is able to understand what it takes to be a wonderful human being and not suck. She listens and genuinely cares. She is the bomb and is the best friend I’ll ever have. You better find one of your own.
Them: Whose this?

You: oh just my best friend ever, Riley (girl).
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by Lasognya June 27, 2018
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Perfection. No other word is worthy enough to explain her. Though funny enough to make you ROTFL, she is hot enough to make you want her. She can be whatever you want. Athletic, smart, weird, proper, loud, quiet, the list can go on and on. But the one quality guaranteed is how beautiful she is. You cant go wrong with a Riley.
Hey, there goes a perfect human. Riley (girl)
by Shane k. L. August 10, 2016
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She is the most increible girl you will ever meet. She makes you laugh and smile just cause her personality is amazing. She will never see how beautiful she really is because she compares herself to every other girl on the planet. She will love you forever if you cuddle with her and kiss her randomly. I don't know what i would do without my Riley.
riley (girl) hopelessly in love
by Shane k. L. November 24, 2013
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A beautiful, stunning girl. She cares for others and is a Hopeless Romantic. Treat her right, and you will become pleasantly surprised when things become sexual. She loves to be kissed and cuddled, so do it often.
by Gavin Longbottom November 11, 2013
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cute and smart. dates people that don't deserve her. horrible temper. lets people walk all over her. loves her boyfriend and friends. normally has a big butt and average boobs.
"riley (girl) is so sweet but Jacob doesn't deserve her."

"Yeah but she has a horrible temper."
by hottest babe January 10, 2017
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Riley might be a dumb person (and a ho) but she is a beautiful bitch inside. All boys will be attached to her. Her eyes gleam and shine when she laughs and smiles an ugly smile. Even though this is true, All boys like her except one will catch her eye.
by Teachers_are_awesome May 18, 2016
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