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Ridgefield Connecticut is one of the wealthiest towns in one of the wealthiest counties in America. We are overpopulated to the point that it takes 30 min to drive through mainstreet. However, with all the people you see swarming town on a daily basis, you will never see anyone who isn't white. We have zero diversity. If you're a down to earth, kind person you will be ostrisized to no end and have no chance of fitting in. Here in Ridgefield we sell million dollar shacks. Our cops are incompetent losers. They sit on the side of the road all day just waiting to pull people over for going 10 above the speed limit. A lot of our tax money goes to Dunkin Donuts.
Person: where are you from?
Me: Ridgefield Ct
Person: can I have some pot?
by Kinkypitty June 12, 2018
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