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To "Ride the Rainbow" is simply defined as taking a very low or moderate dose of several goverment banned narcotic drugs with the consumtion of alcohol. The controlled substances along with the alcohol each represent a color of the rainbow and its joyous feeling that comes along with it. In a few and some rare cases those that overdose on the act of "Ride the Rainbow" are coined as the ones that have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. PLEASE NOTE, to "Ride the Rainbow" the consumption of each drug MUST be on the LOW to MODERATE side at the very best, doing anything more is simply....madness.
Steve: Hey after we finish these beers lets take a couple hits of Chronic.

Jerry: OK, but ONLY if you also take half of this E-Tab with me.

Steve: DEAL, looks like we are going to "Ride the Rainbow" tonight!
by Stevosdoor February 20, 2011
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