A good looking, well dressed, well put together, smooth talking man.
The guy hitting on my friend in the bar was a real Rico suave type, and she was falling for it.
by CatarinaAndArturo July 10, 2017
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Rico Suave is basically a man who is for all intended purposes the following: Good Looking, muscular, "macho"-being totally cool toward everyone and everything, very clean and neat in appearance, a man who is 100% man: almost every lady is attracted to him because of his great charismatic ability, and when need be, he can be a real bad guy to mess with. Rico Suave is more of a definitive personality type, go to the beach in the summer and you will see several who fit the above, in addition to wearing sunglasses and jewelry, he is a ladies man, enjoying fast cars, hot woman, and good at hustling people in pool. Rico Suave is what every man wants to be, but 99.7% of men never live up to.
"Man, that guy has it going on, he's a real Rico Suave"....
by Don June 16, 2006
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Latin lover type with greesed hair, gold chains, flowing shirt, the whole bit. Said person usually has largely inflated ego and a slight lisp.
Hey, check out rico suave over there...
by Katy! July 20, 2002
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A guy who is hot and knows it. Someone who has a cool confidence that over flows. Walks with a style that says "hey girls, take a look at this.." Not necessarily a bad thing
I'd love to talk to that guy, but he's such a Rico Suave, he probably has more phone numbers than he can dial.
by kfleming010 June 24, 2003
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A man who is filled with more cheese than the state of Wisconsin. Constantly making comments to make a girls heart melt. Usualy having the effect of actually looking really corny. Though still deep down her heart melts.
Boy "If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together."

Girl, rolling her eyes "Your so Rico Suave."
by AuntieMommies January 12, 2010
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A dapper young chap of humble village origins with a penchant for witty repartee, entertaining those around him with the poetry of his youth. Admired by men, adored by women, a champion of the down trodden like fleas, the Puerto Rican kid, he is a raconteur of the highest ilk, with a simmering undercurrent of menace and intrigue
by Unclegripper February 01, 2020
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A guy who has a big ego and tries to do something new or something he thinks he's good at, and sucks badly.
by Rebecca LaRue October 12, 2003
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