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(ADJ.)Describes acts of stealing, procuring, getting out of doing a difficult task, or anything sneaky on Navy ships or bases
1. A Ricky Ninja can steal anything that is not welded down.
2. The only thing a Ricky Ninja can't do is steal something bonded at the molecular level or steal something that is heavier than humanly possable to carry.

That does not mean they won't try.
by Nubb'n December 05, 2008
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The Act of placing garments on one self in such a way as to conceal one self from others at boot camp to seek mass destruction of discipline and or to sneek to the shower room to masterbate.
that fucking ricky ninja just slid out from under the bed and hit me in the face with a bar of soap in a sock.
by smoot food October 24, 2008
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