A city in Central Virginia, also know as The Capital of Confederacy. The city of Richmond was founded in 1737 and is home to many historic landmarks such as the White House of the Confederacy.

The city itself looks like shit. Very rough looking. I have been throughout the country and I can say Richmond is just as dirty if not dirtier than Baltimore. I also had noticed that it was most likely 95% African American and didn’t look to healthy, or safe. Richmond in general is a screwed up old city that consistently ranks among the most violent cities list within its population group.

The white people, who are here.....In short, are assholes!

The outskirts of the city going from Chamberlayne road into downtown progressively get more ghetto, and more ghetto. A great majority of the buildings in the city need to be demolished as most are boarded up.

I couldn’t live here. Couldn't do it. I’m sure not the entire city is completely a shithole but a great majority of it is.

I probably won’t ever go there again unless I want to get into some shit. Within 5 minutes of entering city limits I was flicked off for glancing at someone walking.

For all the people who think Richmond is a great wonderful place. Go to hell. You’re in denial. Richmond is a DUMP!

Fuck that place.

The End.
1) Want to go to Richmond.

2) No, That’s the only city that makes me want to bathe.
by ericc645 November 06, 2008
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Located in Virginia.

Looks like Harlem from the 70's.

Needs to be bulldozed, and completely rebuilt.

There are over 5,000 registered sex offenders in Richmond, Virginia. That beats every state and city except for San Diego, California. How fucking gross.

There seems to be a problem with crime in Richmond.

When I think of Richmond, I think of a toilet.

1) Where is Richmond.

2) 1 hour south of where we are now.
by ericc6455 November 06, 2008
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Is a suburb situated on the far west of Sydney, Australia. The very far west. Consists of bogans, rats and a McDonalds. It is a very unliked place and receives much critisism from other, better, suburbs. Bogans, rednecks, and ugly people derive from this place.
'How bogan is that guy?, He must be from Richmond'
'That guy is so bogan, he must've had 20 generations of family members raised in Richmond'
'No one likes him, he must be from Richmond'
by Ketchup Brand August 22, 2007
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A cocky, hilarious, nearly anorexic boy who is smart but acts dumb. Most girls like him which he doesn't really care about. He can be a gentleman at times but acts like a complete spazz most other times! Him and his twin act like they run the place.
Teacher: Who was that boy that was crawling on the ground?
Me: Richmond... who else?
Teacher: Richmond, over here now.
Rich: Yes... how are you on this fine day?
by Rubez Nivwana July 24, 2012
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along with Mayfair, the only cigarettes available in Newtownards for under £2

not available in light/smooth flavour, generally bought in packs of 10 for the simple reason that if you have more than £2 you're not going to buy fucking Richmonds

also available in superking or baseball bat size
"mate... will you go in and get us 10 richmonds and a 3 leet?"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
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Male Masturbation involving the use of a condom and, sometimes, some lubrication.
"My folks are out for half an hour", thought Rez to himself. "I might just have time for a Richmonds."
by Ben 625 February 07, 2007
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the act of defecating in a girl's armpit and then proceeding to have sex with said defecated armpit. Usually referred to as a chocolate hot dog, the richmond is differentiated by the act of slapping the now coated member across the girls face repeatedly while yelling "richmond was here bitch"
Hey honey. Have you been eating chocolate ice cream with your face or did you just catch a wicked Richmond?
by big mackey May 05, 2009
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