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A Business School at the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario. The HBA undergraduate program is known best for graduating self righteous douche bags who take pride in knowing their parents forked over $45,000 for a 2 yrs undergraduate degree. The Ivey school of business is known as tedious yet easy when compared with other undergraduate business degrees as 40% of students total grade is attendance and the other 60% is making certain your parent deposit the $22,000 yearly checks. Its is almost unheard of for a student attending Ivey to receive less than an 80% in any class regardless of his/her actual work. HBA students traditionally do very poorly when writing post undergraduate exams such as the; GMAT, LSAT and CFA I,II,III exams. This due primarily because these exams are marked on substance not parents ability to deposit checks. Furthermore the HBA program is populated primarily with students who have a long history of paying for marks in the past. the vast majority are students that attended private highschools.
Bro 1:"dude i killed the entrance exam to the Richard Ivey school of business"
Bro 2: "Dude there is no entrance exams for Ivey? Any one who has completed 2 years of undergraduate school in any program can apply?"
Bro 1:"Dude then why did i have to fill out a sheet asking my parents for their full name, and number and a memo??"
Bro2:"you mean a check?"
by Wartonmba December 06, 2010
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