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(n.) Shitty-yet-addictive british TV show where everything new is considered highly controversial, and the opinions of a bunch of self-proclaimed "experts" over-ride any court judgement or what the facts clerly point to. Presented by a nice bi-sexual man called Richard, and a half-woman, half-cartoon fish called Judy.

Judy keeps richard on a leash by biting him with her sharp, pointy, filed-down teeth.

If you like to be a tool of the liberal media, and enjoy hearing one sided arguements, watch this show. Well, I'm conservative but I think it's pretty good to watch, just to laugh at the fucktards, and listening to the odd cool guest.
In reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger alleged molestations:

A woman who spoke to the people making the allegations claimed that after speaking to these people, it suddenly became legal fact that he did molest them. This, and the tons of other bs were not challenged. I should go and molest these women and her because they all suck so much. And after all, if I can get them drunk enough to say "yes", then I will tarnish thier reputations and this bullshit about the governator (In case you can't tell, I'm a fan of his movies) will be dropped. mmm......
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 04, 2004
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