Probably named Caroline, Addy or Charlotte. Goes to Hawaii or Miami every summer, Rides there dad for money, Brags about every little thing they have.... NEWS FLASH NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!
Rich white girl : I just got a new Mercedes Benz
ME: Did i ask

Rich white girl : I'm telling daddy
by i really dont care May 10, 2021
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Substitute this for the word 'women' whenever you hear feminists talk, and suddenly the truth of what they are saying is revealed!!
Feminist says - There aren't enough female CEOs

Feminist means - There aren't enough Rich White Girl CEOs.

Feminist says - Housework is demeaning to women.

Feminist means - Housework is demeaning to rich white girls. Maria Guadelupe, clean this up!
by MenoPaws April 2, 2019
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This only affects upper-class Caucasian females. Girls afflicted with said syndrome are constantly trying to escape the fact that they are rich white girls. To seem more down to earth they try too hard to be artsy and/or outdoorsy. Despite the fact that their parents have paid their way through life, they still attempt to appear independent and free spirited. Commonly, a female affected by RWGS will force themselves into friendships with minorities or gays, as they think that this will make them out to have substance when they are actually shallower than a puddle in Arizona. Often times, the rich white girl will make her way into an art school, usually to major in fashion/design, however the acceptance into said art school is not due to her underwhelming artistic talent, but rather the span of her parents' wallet. They are commonly dressed with a style like that of a hipster. Though one may claim that she bought that sweater at Saver's, don't be fooled; she bought it for $50 at Urban Outfitters. These girls like to act as if they can party, but if they drink anything harder than a beer or do hard drugs then they'll be vomiting or passed out within the hour. Conversations with rich white girls will often revolve around them. Although they love to talk about life's hardships, the hardest part of their day is deciding which size coffee to get at Starbucks. Girls affected with RWGS are usually vegetarians and/or smokers. They are commonly referred to as yuppies.
Stanley: Who the fuck is that drunk bitch who decided to come on a camping trip whilst wearing a two-hundred dollar pair of shoes and a frilly lacy ass dress??

Marcus: Oh, that's Brittany. Don't mind her, she's just got Rich White Girl Syndrome. Not much of a conversationalist, but still hot as fuck. If she takes another sip out of that dumb ass floral flask in her leather satchel, I'm getting my dick wet tonight

Stanley: Whatever man, but she spilled beer in the tent. Mop it up so you don't get her, for whatever reason, perfectly done up hair any stickier. Who the FUCK does their hair to go camping, dude for real. I hate yuppies.
by Jacquefeline March 6, 2013
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