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1) Runs a popular humor website.

2) Is fucking hilarious.

3) Is a prominent figure online, who is both loathed and loved throughout the interweb.

4) Initiated a massive crusade against pedophile websites, resulting in an anti-pedophile web movement and hateful backlash from said pedos (because their sites got fuxxored :D)
by Pfish March 31, 2004
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The owner and webmaster of; the man who laid the foundation for all goons; the leader and trend setter for all Internet journalism.

He has brown hair, his car is black, has two dogs, likes to drink soda, and has this bad gas problem where he farts uncontrollably in the mornings after he wakes up and then, to cover his tracks, he kind of gives this disappointed look at his dogs, just in case somebody walks by and smells his gas.
Lowtax once wrote something on the Internet. It was funny.
by Jacket Joe April 21, 2005
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Drama loving hypocrite faggot. Needs to take his 300 mental meds including Ritalin everyday to function properly.

Loves the yellowtail and his wife happens to be a fucking mongoloid.
Lowtax aka 'Taxi the Maxi' since he's always acting like he's on the rag
by elpintogrande April 28, 2005
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