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Any guy that drives a rice burner. Usually, but not limited to, 16-20 year olds. You can usually identify them by looking at them. They will look like tools. Sometimes they will have asian looking hair, and look like they got dressed in the dark. If visual identification fails, you can always tell after talking to them. They will have shit taste in music, and talk about how their ricer is so fast. Just ask them, and they will gladly tell you about all the Mustangs they beat (yeah, pausenot). Conversation is usually limited to very few topics with riceburner marlons. They seem incapable of talking about anything other than their cars, lame music, or either lies about all the women they get, or their fear of women. Usually the latter.
Andre and James are sitting at Taco Bell and see a guy drive by in a multicolored Integra with many rust spots. Of course they heard him before they saw him, due to his exhaust which sounds like an airplane/weedeater thing. The guy driving it has raggedy hair, a button up shirt (that he has worn every day that week), and is blairing some band called "Skillet" out of his blown speakers.

Andre: Man, look at that fucking riceburner.

James: Yeah, that guy has seen The Fast and The Furious too many times. And just look at the guy, he's such a Riceburner Marlon.


Normal person: Hey man, I just got payed. We should go to Taco Bell!

Riceburner Marlon: I just got a 5-speed automatic manual 6 speed tranny

Normal person: Cool. So uh, what do you say about some food.

Riceburner Marlon: Oil change compression ratio 15 inch rim standard shift knowb.

Normal person: Ok...
by MrAWatts September 15, 2007
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