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To 'do a ria riot' would meen to pretend to be drunk, street rat in a dirty town filled with pikeys, talk like an intoxicated 4 year old all the time, not be capable of constructing proper senteces, often missing out words making you sound foreign. Also, a classic ria riot trait would be to take about 300 pictures with people, even if you only meet them once or are only with them for a maximum of five minutes, this is so as to pretend to myspace that you do have real friends away from the internet, when in actual fact, you don't.

Ria riot & Amber Amaze, some of the only children remaining still trying desperately to revive scene couture, trash and alliterative myspace names.
girl - "I beg we do a ria riot tonight"
boy - "Cotch in a park with bare pikeys pretending to be high and filming ourselves making food have sex, no thanks"
girl - "Why not?"
boy - "Coz I ain't a greeb"
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1. adj.
To do a Ria Riot; To film oneself pretending to be intoxicated

2. verb.
To Ria yourself; To peirce ones body in stange and unsettling places for attention and street cred

3. noun.
Ria Riot; A hairy armed dutty beg scene wearing tacky extensions and fake peircings.
1. "Im going to do a Ria Riot tonight"

2. "I'm bored... wanna Ria Riot yourself with me?"
by Kiki Cocktail January 13, 2009
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