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The single greatest Inter-house collective within a College of Private establishment. Originally defined by the the British College house of Rhodes, the term of 'Rhodesian' now relates to any 'lad' who can 'take the banta' (those who can 'take the banta' know what is meant by that). One who is not a member of Rhodes cannot appreciate the true feeling of greatness to be a part of Rhodes House. Winners of House Singing Competitions, inventors of Fort Bounce and another famous Inter-room game that cannot be mentioned for fear of what the reaction may be, if you are a member of Rhodes House, you are part of the greatest long-lieing tradition of 'lads' ever to be formed. One who is not a 'Rhodesian' can never experience true fulfillment of life.
Rhodes House for life.
by Rhodesian1 February 09, 2010
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