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A small, expensive liberal arts college located in the middle of Memphis, TN. Easily recognized by its beautiful matching stone buildings (a reference of the Princeton architectural style) and gorgeous landscaping. Known as "Southwestern" until 1984, it is respected for its English and Biology departments. The student population is predominately high class whites; politically, it is fairly balanced. Greek life plays a major role in the social scene, hosting several dances a year and parties every week. Drinking is also a common pastime of Rhodes students.
Rhodes College is beautiful.
by heygirl hey March 18, 2009
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A prominent clown college located in Memphis, Tennessee where students learn to juggle. Known for strong programs in balloon-tying and nose-squeaking.
Clown 1: Watch me juggle these pies!
Clown 2: Wow! You're really good at that! Did you go to Rhodes College?
Clown 1: Yes I did.
by GoLynxCats January 02, 2010
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A sorry excuse for students to keep pretending their in still in highschool. The honor code includes a sharing policy which covers everything from your panties to your boyfriend. The only recreation is drinking so learn to hold your alcohol but if you can't, being to' up from tha flo' up is an excuse for anything. Class is optional but parties are not. Put your drinking face on.
the students have nicer cars than the faculty and everyone has a fake.
by drunk on the flo' April 03, 2005
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