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Reuben's disease is the suffering of a receeding hairline. Famous sufferers of the illness include Mick McArthy, Joleon Lescott, Christian Slater, The Rock and Sting. The ultimate end to Reuben's disease is complete baldness
Stage 1= early stages, hairline meets the very top of the forehead
Stage 2= Receeded further to midway on the scalp
Stage 3= The Reuben's disease will now start eating from the back of the head however the front will still be at about the halfway mark on the top of the head
Stage 4= Both the front and back are receeding to the point that there is only a touch of precious hair left
Stage 5= Total baldness
Person A: Hey man, what the hell is wrong with that guy's hair?!

Person B: Oh shit....

Person A: What?! what is it...

Person B: That guy's got Reuben's disease..poor guy, he'll never recover from that, stage 4 before you know it!
by thebollockboy May 23, 2012
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