A medical professional thats has more brains than a nurse (such as pinky compared to the brain) and more comman sense(cents) than a doctor has in their bank
patient: can i talk to someone who knows what to do around this hospital?

nurse: let me go get the respiratory therapist
by RT MV July 06, 2010
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AKA The hospitals bitch.

Respiratory Therapist are highly specialized members of a patient's healthcare team that diagnose and treat respiratory disease and disorders.

Respiratory Therapist are usually thought to be idiots who are only needed supply oxygen christmas tree nipples and administer Albuterol to patients who choked on their breakfast oatmeal. They are only thought to be knowledgeable when RNs have exhausted all ideas to help patients or when shit his the fan.
The best skill Respiratory Therapist possess is the ability to put SPO2 probes back on patients fingers when RNs report that they cannot get a reading.
Ms. Johnson keeps ringing the call bell because she is anxious, let me call the respiratory therapist in there for an albuterol treatment so I can finish my lunch.
by Stabn722 March 14, 2017
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