another term for parents. used as short form. usually referring to them when the user is lazy/ angry with them.
My rents are making me stay home on friday. i dislike them.
by 26isdancierthen4 April 26, 2009
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from Rentboy. Can actually mean something actually gay as well as meaning the modern way of using gay. ie for something that is shit.
1.Dave - Look at that fucking cocoa Shunter over there!
Paul - ergh Man, he looks totally rent.

2. As Stevie dies and burns again on level 2 of Streetfighter 4, He slams the controller down on the floor and utters the immortal words.... " This game is fucking Rent!!"
by Class n Style June 16, 2009
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A little harsh definition of guardians, usually parents. When said people think it is short for pa-rents but actually means the people's house you live in, that make you live by their rules and you live off their benifits. Basically it's almost like you are trying to indirectly say they are my owners and I might as well give em' the 'rent' You wouldn't label managers or people you share a house with 'rents'
Nai- I'm off work URGH
Dee- If you hate the job, fucking quit or don't moan at me !
Nay- Brah I got rents, they ever clock I lost big money, ama get shoe slapped out
by FamalamFamzee February 25, 2015
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a really really stupid piece of shit play/musical/movie that is obssessed over by drama nerds in every suburban high school in america. i mean honestly, its alright for girls but when i see a guy in his skin-tight black shirt with the word "rent" in spray-painted stencil, i just wanna go up to him and say "before you ask, no. i won't suck your dick, and you can't suck mine". its basically about this group of homosexuals who live together and give eachother AIDS, then they dont want to pay rent on their apartment. So if you like AIDS, gays, and transvestites, see this peice of shit. Otherwise, if you're normal, see wayne's world instead.
"Dude, my girlfriend is in drama so she made me watch rent with her last night. It sucked but she did give me head afterwards, that was the best part"
by RENT sucks April 03, 2007
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