When someone does something with a lot for energy and enthusiasm. Almost doing too much.
Did you see how well Megan’s dancing has improved

yeah she realised rent was due
by Deadric.diggory April 28, 2022
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Said when someone really enjoys a product, whether it be a movie, food item, song, etc. Meaning that the person who’s job it was to create it worked extra hard that time as “their rent was due.” Can be used in reference from anything to new flavors from a popular food brand, songs, movies, clothing brands, literally anything that involves someone being paid to do it in some way.
P1: That new oreo flavor is actually really good! Have you tried it?
P2: yeah those food designers’ rent was definitely due

P1: oh my god this new song is insanely good
P2: fr rent was due
by Gharish3759 June 12, 2023
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On the first day of each month, it's rent day.

Used as a euphemism for paying rent each month through sex when you live with a partner.
"Hey Sarah, it's the first of the month. you know what that means...?"
"Your rent is due".
by deathbydan October 1, 2021
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When the boys see the 40 year old man at the end of his road, they know the rent is due. If your going 50 in a 50 zone, you better be ready for the rent.
Man yesterday I was driving down that street and just knew the rent was due. I could smell that the rent was due. the rent is due.
by That guy OG MUDBONE May 25, 2020
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A phrase often used as a slogan for motivation in a gym environment that is a secret guise for taking it up the ass.
*Gym man wearing a shirt saying 'rent is due'*

Oh look Nathan, that guy pays his rent by squatting for a great ass then offering it up.
by Buff dude April 11, 2021
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The ‘Rent Due Theory’ is a scientific phenomenon within women where every 25th to first couple days of each month women whine about men not providing for them for free.
“Men don’t provide anymore”

Rents due huh?”
by enfdoom July 27, 2023
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When someones mother is on their period.
Damn she is grumpy is your mums rent due?
by Faxbois August 29, 2018
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