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You know if you are born a Renaissance Woman, or have met a Renaissance Woman, because:

You/She can mix the knowledge of what is considered disparate spheres into a new whole,

by using her most unique method of analysis based on

her very vast, deep, curiosity and experiences...

which led to a very vast & deep knowledge,

that she is so anxious to apply to everyday life, &
to inquire, and share with everyone she meets.
Real Question from top Venture Capital Fund CEO (note, he's in his 70's, ex - RIT, Xerox Exec.) during 7th , and final, interview with firm in 2000):

"How do you reconcile your math skills with such a personality?" That is, how can you have disparate skills - fun & math?- how do you reconcile being a "Renaissance Woman"? After recovering from the shock of such a question (I haven't even mentioned my art studies, piano lessons, theater, music exposure/loves), I responded - "I don't think that having math skills and a personality are mutually exclusive. How can you operate in business without being able to communicate with other people?". That's the lesson - I was able to communicate with all 7 interviewers because I had lived in , knew someone from, knew something about, and was interested in, a subject of interest to the interviewer. The lack of a "Renaissance" mind-set defines the "State of the Union" today - no one is communicating because people are closing their spheres instead of opening them and comprehending the multitude of their connections. That's how a nerd hippie got hired by a Mormon venture capital fund.
by Real Renaissance Woman August 18, 2013
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Someone who is active in many fields.
Normal Girl 1#: Dayum that girl is such a renaissance woman
Normal Girl 2#: Yeah, shes in like the band, environmental club, politics club, history club, debating team, althetics team, school pride team, choir, european art appreciation society....
Normal Girl 1#: Wish i was renaissance :(
by Dweezil1 October 09, 2008
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A woman who is good at multiple things. Mainly a smart, sexy, kind, talented person. Generally very rare people. (Some seem like it but are really bitches or really stupid)
Dude #1: Damn... I think my chick is a Renaissance woman.
Dude #2: Fer reals? how?
Dude #1: Shes really hot, double majoring and rescues puppies.

Dude #2: Damnnnn she IS a renaissance woman!
by hOtAsSbItCh123 October 19, 2010
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renaissance woman or man is a word for multi talented person or those that have a broad knowledge. This word is best described as that one friend who can do almost ANYTHING with no problems whatsoever. For me I see this word in my bestest friend ; ) who i'll name Janjan .
you know any renaissance woman out there?
yeh, just take a look at my best friend here she can do anything and says its easy...but im dumb so I cant do those things!
by im zed:( April 25, 2019
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a woman that proves and illustrates
1)to be gifted in 2 or more areas, poise, seduction
2)that she can remain calm and controlled in any situation ex. breaking a nail, having a split end
3)that she can happily be part of a group ex) blonde ambition
"oh gosh, ive put a big run in my panty hose. thats okay, it can be a new fashion statement"
"gee, you are a renaissance woman"
by niki b November 13, 2004
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