The classy way to describe someone who has spent way to much time in the sun or tanning bed. The word derives from red and orange. The perma-i-will-have-skin-cancer-very-soon "tan" that is more red than sea side glow. Usually accompanied with facial grease. Taking a break in the shade or using sun screen is not an option. Also the product of too many intoxicated days in the sun.

Photographs will never turn out good, especially when paired with others not suffering from this discoloration.
Wow she has a serious case of rey-door-range, its all I can see!

They rey-door-range has got (him/her) look greasy and old!
by Ash Z May 21, 2010
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pronounced "ride"

To get leftover food from supermarkets or stores, which would usually end up in the dumpster, and deliver them to the food banks or homeless people directly. We are all one.
Hey! lets do a good deed before we die and REYED the left over food to the starving people!
by DivineMomentsOfTruth February 9, 2012
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Shana-Rei is the epitome of a super woman. The Jill of all trades, she succeeds in all she does.

Shana-Rei is a loving and devoted wife and mother and enjoys travel and creating beautiful memories with her family.
Shana-Rei is a great cook 🤣
by Rei.V09 November 24, 2021
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