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Reh Dogg is an urban rap artist from the U.S. Virgin Islands. He is known as a rap artist with his one hit single, Why Must I Cry? He is not known to play at concerts and has many videos posted on YouTube. Reh Dogg has a unique way of singing his songs, the lyrics are unclear and hard to understand. This is most likely the reason as to why Reh Dogg still is famous. He became famous about 3-4 years ago. His music and music videos mostly always make no sense and involve guns, smoking, girls dancing, him half-naked in the shower, playing basketball, sitting and moving in random environments, him in costumes, walking in the woods, collecting wood, jumping off walls, etc.
Michael: "Hey man did you check YouTube recently, Reh Dogg posted a new music video?"

Bill: "Yea, I saw it, it made no sense but was hilarious."
by Monty M. April 20, 2009
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1.Pure lyrical genius.
2.A motherfuckin poet ahead of his time.
"You hear the new Reh Dogg CD?" asked Jim.
"Yeah son, and it blew my mind like Mad Rapa!!" remarked Tony.
by Reh Dogg Fan August 12, 2008
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A rapper yet to achieve his well deserved fame. He is like a poet with some of his complex lyrics like "I KNOW THAT YOU HATE ME, BUT WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME". Has some insightful random thoughts sessions online.
Wow your such a reh dogg, your lyrics are some straight shit but nobody knows your poor ass.
by njikgk January 11, 2011
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