A place of community spirit, religious devotion and education. Also rampant alcoholism, laziness, raging parties and rumour.
Home to the very beautiful Regent's Rabbits whose exploits are legendary and a kick-arse rowing squad that wiped the rest off the river. Also a mention for Fiddes- all round legend and Emmanuel the Tortoise.
Regent's Park.....is that even a college?

Regent's Park...is that in London?

Who really won Nephys 2005? Regent's Park
by Comrade Wales December 13, 2005
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Regent Park. The first Project/Ghetto In NORTHAMERICA Located in downtown Toronto,Canada. It is Divided in two area NorthSide Regent Park And Southside Regent Park

Known for being full of violent thugs that don't give a FUCK
Rival hoods include- Project Originals,Jane and Finch,Parkdale ( not to be confused with Parklands,which is another name for Regent Park )

Home of the Thugs, No Crips OR Bloods but for some reason bloods are more acceptable.
A lot of rappers come out of regent park such as Point Blank,TNT,Blackline

- We wear Black instead of blue or red
- We roll in Mobs of 50+
- We Don't give a fuck
- It's about the struggle not about whos crew is the hardest
-Simply If you don't Live in Regent. Just don't Come here
" Get Shot Here If your Not From here We give a FUCK about the COPS and we know they don't care" - Regent Park Crips by Point blank ( regent park is not crips or bloods )

by RegentPark April 30, 2007
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