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The incredibly attractiveness of a 17 year old male who was the Winner of X-Factor Australia 2011. From the very moment he graced the stage wearing #21094 & opened his mouth with the words "Baby it don't matter" he captured the hearts of over 95,000 screaming girls (& the occasional boy) across Aus, with his gap-toothed smile, charm, great body, dimples, & all round high level of attractiveness. With his audition getting comments from Guy Sebastian saying "One day i'm going to tell my children that i said yes to you" it was obvious he was a shoe-in to win the competition. He's a cheeky, english-born average teenage boy, with "general bloke pleasures", smelly feet & the dream of owning a kombi van who's never read a book in his life. His dream came true thanks to his bestfriends 'The Sexy Six' & the incredible support of the Mastin Family consisting of his amazing parents Deb & Darren & his 3 beautiful sisters: Olivia (Liv), Georgina & Philippa Mastin. His fanbase 'Lil Rockers' have spent countless hours voting for him week after week, camping out to see him live, buying his album & even to get a chance to meet him. They've allowed him to live his dream of being a "Rock & Roll Legend", selling out his entire Aus tour & getting his winners single "Goodnight" to be named as Sony music Aust.'s fastest selling digital single ever & being certified 4 times platinum for selling 280,000 digital copies. Every woman's sexual fantasy & the true definition of Perfect! β™₯
Reece Mastin, will you have my children?

On a scale from 1-Reece Mastin, how hot is he?

Reece Mastin; Get in my bed!

Oh, you're Reece Mastin? Excuse me while i take my clothes off!

Dumping your boyfriend because he's not Reece Mastin

Hey Reece Mastin, Shut up and kiss me? ;)

If Reece Mastin was on my bedroom floor with the lights out, i'd sure as hell do more the kiss the boy, i can tell you that!
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