A person who from birth is involved in weird things such as hunting fishing, and other wierd things like noodling and muddin'. A very funny person who likes Larry the cable guy. Great conversation people who do a lot of stupid stuff. Not the sterio type of idiotic person who does not know anyhting about the modern world relatively smart and has a decent education.
Sydney: So what did you do this weekend?
Valerie: I went muddin' and went deer hunting with my brothers.
Sydney: Your such a redneck hillbilly!
by Redneck Hillbilly 13 January 2, 2012
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Possibly the most horrific abomination ever to be brought upon the world. A cross between a hick, a hillbilly, and a redneck, if you can imagine such a creature. If you ever see a redneck hillbilly hick, RUN.
I've heard stories that redneck hillbilly hicks live in those mountains. I don't fully beleive it myself, but still I can't bring myself even to look in that direction anymore.
by missapocalypse September 29, 2006
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They typically are low class uneducated drunk white men from the southern part of the united states typically missing many teeth in there mouth. Whatever teeth they do have left are damaged. They are considered by many to be "White Trash". These types of individuals always wear overalls and talk with an accent about cheap Beer, Trucks, Whisky & love watching NASCAR races. Rednecks also enjoy using Hunting Rifles & old Shotguns to kill wild angry Ali gators for a living. Its not uncommon for them to throw out turtle traps into the dirty nasty water for a "tayste" supper. They actually live near the swamps waving confederate flags. They think pork, squirrel, gravy, hot dogs, corn bread and fried ducks are a delicacy. They obviously lack morality.
"Well howdy!! How the Hell ya'll doin!? It'z Whiskey Wednesday! I'm just sittin here in mah truck cleanin mah ryfle, boutta go downn townn tah the swamps tah goo hunt sum gaterz n squirrelz. We gott this here Turtle trap ryght thare. It'z gonna make one tastay supper! I'ma Drunk White man in 'Murica! Ya'll cummin owt South!? I got'z me this here big ol' Ra'coon on tha bahrbaque... It looks lyke that good ol' Nascar'z bouta start. Them peeple on tha teevee on chanal seven are talkin bout hillbilly rednecks, turn it off Earl! I behter get me one of them ice cold budwyzerz bafor tha race"
by My niggga May 26, 2017
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