The greatest band in the world. EVER! Containing Anthony Kiedis, with his amazingly original singing-rap style, John Frusciante, i.e. God with a guitar, Flea, the greatest bassist in the world, and Chad Smith, who is an amazing drummer. Add that to their love for each other, and you get the greatest band in the world.
"Hey, you know the chilis?"
"Oh, the greatest band in the world?"
"Well they rock, dude!"
"Yeh, I know!"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey November 25, 2004
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the absolute without a doubt hell yeah THE BEST BAND EVER they are great with so many hits and awesome band members all of them rule
by rhcpjanes October 30, 2003
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A band that used to be good, but now they suck and are completely overrated and bland.

Members of the band include Anthony Kiedis (he used to be a cool guy in the 80's, but he became too self absorbed when the Peppers became famous.)

The overrated and bland guitarist John Frusciante. (Tell me, if he's such a talented guitarist, then why does he play such simple guitar riffs? You'd think he'd actually have the nerve to use his talent to create something more original and complex.)

And of course, one of the most talented bassists of all time, Flea. (too bad for being in an overrated band.)

Chad Smith (I don't understand why he is even in this band? He is one of the most repetitive drummers I've ever heard.)
Red Hot Chili Peppers were a great band back in the 80's, but after Hillel Slovak died, they have gone downhill since.

They should have just gave up instead of making 6 boring and redudant albums and leave us with the 3 classic albums they made while Hillel was alive. Then I wouldn't be calling them "overrated".
by cydewynder September 04, 2008
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A tampon with hot sauce on it, to be inserted into a person's rectum.
I got tired of my boyfriend asking me to put a finger in his butt, so I gave him a Red Hot Chili Pepper to let him know it had to stop.
by Tombrae Dysucks December 21, 2014
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Shittiest band ever they make the same kind of music over and over and it gets fucking annoying fuck anthony!! and fleas a homosexual
Anothony-"Hey flea lets take some of these records from 2 years ago and make a new one so we get millions"

Flea-"sounds like a great plan"

John-"sniff, sniff, sniff"

Red hot chili peppers^^^
by ash catchem July 30, 2006
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A very great band, who have had some member changes but all have been amazing musicians. The mixed funk with punk, and threw a little bit of rap in too. They've had many hit songs, and several successful albums.
Red Hot Chili Peppers were around before Faith No More, dumbass.
by Rachel April 24, 2005
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The best true band that lives on the face of the planet. The music is real, the vocals are flawless. Widely known as an 80's band, they did actually make music long afterwards. This band is the absolute best band ever and cannot be defied. Also a spicy vegetable, usually coming in a pointed, arrow-head like shape, that can come in several colours, but generally red.
Megan: Whatcha listening to?
Moriah: Take a guess.
Megan: Hilary Duff?
Moriah: Not at my grave.
Megan: Simple Plan?
Moriah: Not quite.
Megan: Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Megan: GO YOU.
by Fell Despises May 20, 2005
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