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Hi fellow students it’s Mr. Harrington’s nipples here but I forgot my login for the old email so this is my new account Mr. Ross’ Chinese children. Red bank catholic is a school where fat teachers such as Mr. Ross yell at you for standing up at lunch because he needs money to feed his chinks. Also he’s a stupid fat bitch which no one likes Thank you, From
Mr. Ross’ Chinese children
Mr. Ross from Red bank catholic high school is always angry because he never fucked his Asian wife with jungle pubes
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Mr. Ross is a fat Cunt who gets fucked by a strap on by his Chinese wife after she makes him chicken vindaloo. He has saggier titties than my 90 year old Grandma. Anyways boys like it up for more definitions

Sincerely, Mr. Ross's Chinese Children
Mr Ross works at Red Bank Catholic High School to feed his Chinese children who eat dog
by Mr. Ross’ Chinese children September 16, 2019
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