A person who would fight about anything they believe in, never backing down from anyone including society and the government, they typically don’t care about what others think about them and don’t care about what’s going on in society, not taking Shit from anyone ,and making everyone dislike or hate them for being disrespectful and rude.
“That “rebelscum” asshole ..... was so rude always breaking stuff around the mall”

“Look at this “rebel scumlowlife fighting for his pussy friend”
by $cumbagbolin September 14, 2019
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a sex position were you get butt fucked and recite star wars
i like to rebel scum you
by rhino2\ February 02, 2018
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A legendary mythical creature believed to hail from Oklahoma with master degrees in neck game, eating ass, and shit talking. With a minor in giving chicks puss cancer. You can trap him with PBR, Daddy Issues, Facial Piercings, or mating calls of “Raise Hell Praise Dale”.
Oklahoma got 2 things right... Joe Exotic and Rebel the Scum
by Jaybo the great April 14, 2020
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