The thirteen year old girl who wrote the newest internet phenomenon "Friday." Some people really love her song, some people really don't.
"Did you hear about Rebecca Black?"

by Tom Boss Ross March 18, 2011
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The writer/singer of the best song/music video in the world!

But she gets indecisive about where to sit.
She drives in cars with Jr. Highers.

She knows the days of the week.
Who are you listening to!?" "Rebecca Black" "Why?" "Cuz its FRYYYDAYYY!
by ilovewhales11 March 19, 2011
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A 16 year old female singer from California who is best known for her song Friday. She is harshly judged for the first song she ever fully produced at the age of 13. Since then she has cut auto tune and has improved a lot as a singer although most people wouldn't know that because they heard one song, didn't like it and didn't bother to listen to any better song by her.
Person 1: Hey Have you heard of Rebecca Black?

Person 2: Yeah, shes that terrible singer from a few years ago

Person 1: She's improved a lot since then.

Person 2: Doubtful she was so awful I doubt she could improve
by TooMuchMusic June 05, 2013
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Rebecca Black is a 16 year old teen Singer/Musician known for her viral Youtube video 'Friday'.Ever since posting it she has received death threats and hate, now days when people here her NEW songs or covers they immediately think of 'Friday' and hate on it, Rebecca is a pretty talented girl who often gets referred to as 'the girl who sung the worst song ever' or something similar. Rebecca now continues to post Youtube videos on common tags, covers or other originals and other talks. most people considerate people hate her singing because she used auto-tune in her first video 'Friday.

Check out her 'draw my life' on youtube to find out more or understand this definition.

(I am not a hater but am referring to most people opinion)
Amy:remember that girl who sung that terrible song about the weekday?

Polly: yeah Rebecca Black.
by SmileyCheeseCake December 12, 2013
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