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This term has become acquainted with many tweens the past month.It describes a child emotionally/physically handicap to determine which seat to accommodate oneself in.One can strain enough to the verge of not being able to chose any given seat and later on obtain several foot diseases such as calluses or spurs.
Sometimes, Rebecca Black Syndrome can affect the education of one child.
With RBS the child can ditch school to enter a party without her parents consent.Because of course the RBS tween was going to the bus to go to school but really isn't. It can go as far as to going to the same party with a black pedophile man.
It can go as far as the user of this horrid disease forget proper english.


We so excited X WRONG
We are so excited / RIGHT
Some symptoms of Rebecca Black Syndrome.

-Excessive flatulence

-Multiple thoughts and dreams of both front and back seat
-Sweating when thinking which to chose

-Depression when not knowing which to pick
-DUTAA / Driving Under The Appropriate Age
-Random hallucinations of entering the car of a black man
-Ditching school

-Arguments containing the front seat
-Arguments containing the back seat
-Using absurd quotes such as 'We so excited'
by IareKohl April 17, 2011
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A syndrome that consists on not knowing what seat to take... everyday.

If you do not know what seat to take in the movies or at a theater you are okay.

But if you sing about it, cry about or simply be overly-dramatic you might have this syndrome.

This is a serious problem, and you must go to a crack-house.

Good Luck.
Me: *waves* Hey Rebecca! Come sit with us!
Rebecca: *looks at three empty spots near me* OMG! AHHH! WHICH SEAT CAN I TAAAAAAAKE?
Me: Um... are you okay? Looks like you have Rebecca Black Syndrome.
Me: *grabs gun and shoots* Mission "It's Not Friday" accomplished.
by Ilovethenarcisistinmymirror October 08, 2011
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