A real woman is a woman of virtue. She allows the man to have his authoritarian role, but also doesn’t allow anyone to walk over her and diminish her value and what she brings to the table. A real woman understands that there is a two player part in what a man and woman can build together, as a unit. I wrote this because when I first researched what a “real woman” is, I was hurt and felt disrespected because all that came up were references to a woman’s physical body. I find that extremely degrading because when I researched what a “real man” was there was absolutely nothing about his body. And everything about personal characteristics and all. And people wonder why women get upset and think men don’t actually value a woman as a person.
She’s a real woman. She’s everything.
by A real woman August 4, 2020
A phrase normally used by fat middle-aged female journalists to make their fat middle-aged readers feel better about them selves. They use to somehow imply that any woman that isn’t overweight isn’t a “real woman” Also used by the disgusting dove campaign for “real beauty” which uses this bullshit to sell soap. This word is synonymous with the word “curvy” which has also lost its real meaning.
Fat woman: Victoria Beckham isn’t a real woman because she’s not a fat bitch like me
Man: Oh, so how the fuck did she have three kids then?
by jerry_the_worm February 12, 2008
1. grabs the butt
2. not catherine goode
She grabbed the butt! She's a real woman!
by DeRoSaMe November 19, 2007
A real human woman is someone of the female gender who is not pixilated but also is of the human species. Hence the term real human woman.
"Yo, man, I think she's one of those AI girls that just started being released."
"Nah, brotha, that's a Real Human Woman."
by Let's Pan!c March 14, 2020