This phrase was first used as an excuse to wear pink. Some guys would wear pink then try to mock their non-pink wearing counterparts for not being comfortable with their masculinity and other such bs.

However, recently, it has become a way to support breast cancer awareness and research. During the month of October, men will wear pink on Fridays to support breast cancer awareness. The pink will often come in the form of a tie or lapel pin but could include almost any article of clothing. Its counter part, No Shave November, is also gaining steam as a way to raise cancer awareness.
Jack took part in Real Men Wear Pink in October to support breast cancer awareness. The next month, he took part in No Shave November to support testicular cancer awareness.
by northendwhiterash October 29, 2009
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A campaign run by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, encouraging men to wear pink to show their support of breast cancer research. Breast cancer can affect both women and men, so the campaign aims to promote key statistics around the occurrence of breast cancer and raise money for breast cancer research.
John decided to join the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign and wear a pink tutu every day to work for a month! He raised $1000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to fund breast cancer research and his colleagues took lots of photos and shared them with the #realmenwearpink hashtag.
by itsskitsch March 21, 2016
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a marketing ploy phrase used by retail conglomerates to print on baby pink t-shirts/hoodies so young males with no identity can reassure themselves and indifferent bypassers of his own miniscule and suffering masculinity.

a mindset or cheesy quip to explain away the regret/buried shame of why you ever purchased that hideous pink polo in the first place and are actually wearing it.
Friend: Eww man! What's with the shirt? You look like gay Pepto Bismol.
Self-righteous fashion victim: Real Men Wear Pink! humph.
by loveandfirearms July 28, 2005
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alot of the boys in my school wore those shirts for a bit. "Real Men Wear Pink." what a lie, i laughed at them. the girls they were trying to impress laughed too. then when ryan l. (the resident gay kid who sniffs women's perfume, and goes out with girls who'd never get any other guy) came in wearing a shirt with that logo, we all laughed harder at the kids who had worn those shirts
by Ross Hartman December 24, 2006
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It's an attitude defined by the World of Warcraft Guild by the same name.

Against the over the top and aggressive behaviors displayed "hardcore" Warcraft raiders, Real Men Wear Pink believe in a mature environment of empathy and mutual respect.

Where anonymity brings out the worst in people, Real Men Wear Pink have a refreshing view and a mission of "been nice"
Someone loses their temper in a raid....."Just be Pink man"

Loot drops ... "You have it..." "No you have it" really you are welcome. " You guys are behaving just like "Real Men Wear Pink"

by GameMasterBlizzard February 23, 2011
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The most awesome band in the world. It features Spencer, Dan, Travis, and Jeff Leight. Others appear with useless instruments. Like the tambourine and the thunder tube. Bongos are badass though. Hell yeah cracker.

See Spencer B.
"OMG! I just saw RMWP in concert. THEY WERE SO AWESOME!"
by Spencer B. September 15, 2004
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