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an INCREDIBLE political punk band formed in New York in the 1970's, by David "Insurgent" Rubinstein and Paul Bakija. They were Anarchist peace-punk whose songs often contained ironic and satirical messages regarding government and society. Reagan Youth broke up in the late 80's, after tension from touring and drug abuse... the break up was made official when Ronald Reagan left the White House. Thought they only released one album during the time they were a band, their influence on punk is undeniable.

in 1993 after many years of battling drug addiction and the sudden loss of his mother to a car accident and girlfriend to notorious serial killer Joel Rifkin, David Insurgent committed suicide.
Reagan Youth had a tremendious influence on punk rock.
by Ăśmbra August 14, 2004
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A generation of U.S. citizens born between 1968 and 1976. These citizens most formative years coincided with the 8-year term of President Ronald Reagan. They remember the fear, malaise and uncertainty of the Carter Presidency and were uplifted by the core beliefs of the Reagan Revolution (1981-1989). Peace through strength, low taxes, limited government, right to life and eternal optimism in America's future are the backbone of this generation's political beliefs.
The Republican candidate must carry the Reagan Youth vote if he is going to thwart his opponent's chance at winning Jimmy Carter's second term.
by GHWB August 01, 2008
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