A dead guy, someone that always feels cool but is a looser
Seyi is so razz
by Miredo January 9, 2020
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"dave had a right razz at me yesterday"
"really why?"
"i screwed his sister"
"dude i would have had a razz at you to"

by h_pickle March 23, 2006
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Jame still wears that! He is so razz!
by Coolestmango101 April 14, 2018
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The act of drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages
“Lets get on the razz!”
“Are you on the razz tonight?”
by mrcoilub29 November 5, 2018
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A sweet person of indeterminate gender/orientation who is perfect. If they have a flaw, it only enhances their quality as a human. No one ever gets over them, if they fall. their kindness, their looks, their everything. Most likely artistic, shy in public, but loud and hilarious when surrounded by friends. Keep a Razz/Razzberry in your life, it’ll be worth it.
I feel like there are several Razzes here, no one can have this much good things said about them.
by Lemont Cranston May 3, 2022
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Nigerian slang for an unsophisticated or uncool individual.
From an onlooker: "Those guys are so razz"
From one friend to another :"Don't be razz man"
When insulting someone: You are the razzest guy/girl I've ever seen
by Team Dai Gurren October 13, 2017
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