1. A top end 1930's New York club as dreamt of by the character Rayford Gibson (played by Eddie Murphy) from the comedy film Life.

2. Also the same club as mentioned by the rapper Nas in the song "Hey Nas" off his Gods Son album.
1. Ray: The Cotton Club's alright. But it ain't got nothin' on The Boom Boom Room. If any of you ever get to New York, go to Ray's Boom Boom Room, the most happening spot in all of Manhattan.

Jengal: Jengally! jengally!

2. She offered me dinner under the moon I said, "Sorry, I made plans at Ray's Boom-Boom Room"
by lance03244 April 16, 2007
A bar/strip joint owned by Ray. Off of Highway 18. Also see Scooter's and Ray's Place.
"Hey, Daytona, are you going to Ray's Boom-Boom Room tonight?"
"No, I can't. I'm banned for life for not paying my tab."
by BJ August 25, 2004
mr. rohne's basement. an eclectic mix of goods from goodwill, salvation army, and the side of the road. also: a place where the magic happens...
Last night we played Playstation in Ray's Boom-Boom Room...then Aunt Jill brought us brownies... I don't think Aunt Jill is a lesbian though.
by MJFitz December 16, 2005