a word that can mean almost anything. there are multiple meanings:
1. dinosaur for "I love you"
2. Extreme emotional representation. Something that is hard to say how you are feeling
3. can mean to want someone or something really bad.
1. Girl: Rawr! I love you so much

Guy: I love you too! Rawr
2. "Rawr. That's how i feel. Rawr"
3. Girl: RAWR!! I want to be with you!

Guy: I know, but you can't. RAWR
by Mika 13192 May 01, 2009
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2. A word used to discribe misplaced or random anger/hate...
"Did you see that guy? He was all like rawr in your face!!!"
by InsaneFox December 10, 2004
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Only word ever spoken by domos.
Man 1 "OMG N00bs what ever will we do!"
Man 2 "It's all good my friend, we've got a Domo."
Domo "RAWR!!!!!!"
N00bs "AHHHHHH!!!"*get devoured*
by Eggness July 15, 2005
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