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1. A person who attends a rave and becomes so intoxicated they are hardly or are not recognizable as a human being. May act in an unpredictable manor, such as removing their own clothes or initiating unwanted physical contact.

2. A person who attends a rave who you would not normally encounter day to day. A person who looks like they do not and could not belong to any type of a social circle, even in a niche, because they are so dissociated in look/actions/or behaviors from a normal citizen.

3. A person who attends a rave with the intentions of becoming as intoxicated as possible, or to take away from any positive vibes or atmosphere that would have existed otherwise.
1. "Did you see that rave troll over there?" "Yeah, he is GOURDED, does he even know what is happening?"

2. "Whoah, who is that?!" "I don't know, I have never seen someone like that before, they must have crawled out from underneath a bridge to get here!"

3. "That group of kids over there are nothing but rave trolls, all they are doing is tagging the place up and trying to start fights."
by AlldayKK January 13, 2011
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